The Most Effective Exterior Paint Coating in Ohio -- Rhino Shield

Are you looking for the very best exterior paint product you can discover for your house or industrial building exterior? Rhino Shield Exterior Paint Coating is your solution.

What makes Rhino Shield the Cleveland and Northern Ohio leader in Home Exterior Coatings?

1) Ceramic Microspheres

Ceramic Microspheres assist boost the solidity, gloss control and abrasion resistance of the 3m microspheres give Rhino Shield incredible exterior paint coating properties as the bestcovering, leading to exceptional paint coating life. The coating need to stand up to extreme environmental conditions and also adjustment of seasons. The ceramic microspheres enable Rhino Shield to last. You can find out more about ceramic microspheres on the 3M website.

2) Superior Home Exterior Paint Qualities

basf tested home exterior paintRhino Shield excels at adaptability, tear resistance, tensile stamina, breathability, and viscosity.  This has all been verified with numerous rounds of testing by BASF, among the world’s most reputable chemical business. Take a look at screening information results here. What makes the very best outside paint? The ability to resist splitting, peeling, flaking or blistering. BASF’s screening of Rhino Shield shows that it does all this and also more.

3) The Very Best Outside Paint for Wind Driven Rain

Florida has some of the worst wind-rain combinations, extremely harsh conditions for exteriors. Rhino Shield passed the Miami-Dade Wind Driven Rain criterion, going beyond 120 miles per hour of wind-rain combination. If this exterior paint covering can endure these problems, it demonstrates that it can serve as the most effective exterior paint for your home.

4) Better Components than Residence Paint

Rhino Shield is better than traditional house paintThe products used in Rhino Shield offer it the long-term and weather resistant residential properties. Traditional home paint is 60% water, contrasted to just 21% in Rhino Shield. The exclusive mix of materials makes Rhino Shield much exceptional.

5) Elastomeric Coatings are Superior Paint Coatings

Rhino Shield is an elastomeric paint coatings, which gives it a “high build” coating capability that adds to its overall durability and waterproof capability.  Rhino Shield of Ohio is an above-grade exterior wall coating that is approximately 10 times thicker than paint. It creates a thick yet flexible coating that waterproofs your home in addition to all it’s other outstanding durability features.

And also, Rhino Shield includes a 25 year, transferable service warranty.  So whether you are sitting tight permanently or thinking of marketing your Indiana house in the future, it’s a great choice for your Ohio home!

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