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The Next Level of Residential Painting in Columbus

When you’re looking for Columbus house painters, you’re probably thinking that no matter who you’re going to hire, you may only get to enjoy it for 4-6 years before the color fades to the elements and you need to do it all over again.

That’s because you haven’t called Rhino Shield Columbus. With over 1,500 colors to choose from and a 25-year non-prorated warranty, Rhino Shield is your exterior house painting solution if you want a vivid, standout color that will last you for decades without fading or damage.

How Does Rhino Shield Improve Exterior House Painting?

A typical house painting job – even a great one – is still going to be subject to the elements. You can keep it cleaned, maintained, and do everything you can to preserve it, but in around five years, it just isn’t going to have the same luster. That’s just the reality of house painting.

Until now.

With Rhino Shield, you never have to worry about painting your house again. That’s because we’re not using simple, off-the-shelf house paint on our projects – we’re using Rhino Shield.

Rhino Shield Elastomeric Paint Coating is a durable, flexible, low-maintenance exterior wall coating. It bonds to any substrate, so no matter what kind of surface needs exterior house paint, you can rest assured it will be bright, beautiful, and protected for years to come!

With a unique, proprietary material created for maximum durability, Rhino Shield gives you the beautiful color you want from a fresh house painting, but for longer than you thought possible.

Home Protection With Style

Rhino Shield does more than just protect your home’s color. Compared to traditional exterior house paint, Rhino Shield does a superior job of bonding to the exterior of your home to create a multi-layered protective membrane, protecting not just the paint job, but the very structure of your home.

With a Rhino Shield coating, you’re protected against damage from algae, mold, and salt corrosion. Your home is shielded from exterior moisture and high winds. It’s even UV-reflective!

Traditional exterior house paint can’t provide the same benefits, and the ones it can provide will fade and wear down over a short time. With Rhino Shield, you get the best protection for the exterior of your home, a color you love, and the peace of mind that comes with knowing it will last you for decades.

Check out our gallery to see the Rhino Shield Difference for yourself!

Benefits of Columbus House Painters Using Rhino Shield

We’ve mentioned the longevity of the protection and color that comes with using Rhino Shield for your exterior house painting project.

Rhino Shield’s durable elastomeric coating protects your home from the elements and the breathable materials protects from moisture and water damage. It is rated to withstand up to 98 mph winds, which is enough for even the gustiest of Columbus days!

There is also a soundproofing layer built into the Rhino Shield coating, providing you with a little extra privacy.

In addition, Rhino Shield can save you money in the summer and winter! As a UV-reflective coating, Rhino Shield keeps your home cooler in the summer. But as an R7 insulator, it also saves you on heating costs in the winter!

On top of all that, Rhino Shield is a non-toxic material, safe for solid waste landfills and is safe to human touch. With so many environmentally-friendly advantages over traditional exterior house paint, Rhino Shield is a proud member of the Florida Green Building Coalition.

How Does Rhino Shield Work?

Rhino Shield is an acrylic-urethane high build formula that helps to water resistant, insulate, and soundproof. Our innovative, proprietary technology combines multiple resins with ceramic microspheres resulting in a flexible but tough surface.

This thick, rubber-like membrane actually becomes part of the substrate through excellent adhesion and bonding. Multiple additives that provide moisture resistance, UV blockers, mildewcides, algaecides, and other proprietary agents complete the layers of protection.

We apply Rhino Shield with a two-coat process – the first primer coat seals, water resistants, and creates a bonding agent for the finish coat. The ceramic finish coat can be tinted in over 1,500 color options, and is applied in a thick coat to keep your home protected and your color vivid for years.

If you’d like to learn more, click here to see more about why Rhino Shield is far superior to even the best traditional exterior house paint off the shelf!

And if you’ve seen enough, you can contact us for a free consultation or estimate for your home! We can’t wait to show you the difference house painting with Rhino Shield Cleveland can make for your home.

Endless Color Choices

Beautify your home with over 1,500 colors options, Rhino Shield® can transform your home. LEARN MORE ›

Bonds to Any Substrate

Rhino Shield’s proprietary material bonds to any substrate so you can rest assured that your home will be protected from the elements.

25 Year Non-Prorated Warranty

Rhino Shield is backed by a written, 25 year, non-prorated, transferable warranty.

Contact us for an estimate today!

Our skilled coating specialists are standing by to help you find the perfect Rhino Shield product to meet your needs. We know the Columbus area inside and out, and we know what homeowners are looking for. In Columbus, homeowners want beautiful homes that are protected from the elements throughout the year. Contact us for a free consultation and learn how Rhino Shield can help you never paint your house again!

What Can Rhino Shield
Do For You?

What Can Rhino Shield Do For You?

Endless Color Choices

With thousands of colors to choose from, Rhino Shield has the perfect hue for your home, business or industrial application.